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Full Stack Software Engineer:




I'm a fullstack software engineer who enjoys crafting breathtaking cross platform applications in order to solve real world day to day problems. I'm always seeking opportunities for growth and development and I relish a challenge. I'm passionate about the accessibility of tech, secure coding and mental health awareness. I look forward to working on a team that is passionate about their product.

Below, you'll find projects that I've completed which showcase my skills and general background in developing software.

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My Projects



Platform that offers best game titles at discounted prices. Browse through a wide range of games, checkout and get your digital copy and license to play.


Finlays ERP

An ERP platform/ system for tea estates. Managers can add daily employee tea weights, prepare payrolls and approve leave requests of their staff.



A mobile app that users can use to read about mythical beings and worlds of fantasy. Users can bookmark mythicals or mark them as favorites.


Easy Bill

A mobile app that users can use to purchase electricity tokens. Frequently used phone and meter numbers are stored for ease of use in future.



Med Manager is a mobile application that a patient can use to remind them to take their medicine and keep a track of their intake. Notifications are sent based on frequency of prescription.


MTN Engauge

MTN engauge is a leading Merchant platform with trusted businesses allowing you to read and write reviews. Platform with +45k small businesses


Greenpick Store

An online platform on a mission to create a sustainable future where we are empowering farmers to sell their produce directly to leading retail outlets.



E-wallet fintech startup where a user gets a virtual wallet upon signup. They can fund the wallet, withdraw from the wallet and transfer funds to other users within the platform.

My Articles

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